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River Life Experience:

The entire region of North East & Eastern India, is influenced by 03 major river systems, namely Brahmaputra, Ganges & Teesta, and which offers a cruisable area of 1800 kms. Coming to Bengal, one can explore the rich heritage along the banks of the most important river - The River Ganga or which is often referred to as Ganges, and is considered to be the most sacred in Hindu Mythology, takes you back to an era as old as that of 13th century. Over the centuries traders from all over the world have come by sea, river or land and settled on the banks of the Ganges in Bengal and have imparted this state with its most unique character. Witness the daily life unfold with the river setting as backdrop & the important role that it partakes be it from the early morning vagaries of life of the priests / commoners who start their day offering morning prayers at the ghats, to the adjoining flower market that sees all the hustle & bustle or admire the iconic Howrah Bridge; As the day progresses be just amazed to see life unwinding at its own pace & the river flowing by taking its daily course, bearing the brunt of existence of more than a billion people.