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Tea Plantation Tours

Tea History started probably around 1849 & more so developed in the early 1900’s with the British East India Company which acquired large tracts of land for mass tea production. India, falls amongst the largest tea producers of the world today, & Assam & Darjeeling Tea is synonymous  & renowned worldwide for its brew. Tea Tourism is relatively a new concept & that which is garnering many enthusiasts as it entails one to have the knowhow of what all goes into the making of tea, starting from plucking two leaves & a bud to its satisfying tea connoisseurs all across the globe. Tea Tourism begins with staying in an erstwhile british residence of a brit tea planter as like the old colonial times, beginning your day with a tour of the tea estate, interacting with the tea planters & the garden workers & see & get to experience first hand their lives. Further proceed to the factory to witness tea processing & the nuances of it all, viz, how the tea leaves are withered, rolled, dried, sorted & packaged. North East has plenty of such tea estates, including the very famous Darjeeling Tea. Glenburn Tea Estate, Sourenee Tea Estate in West Bengal & as well as tea estates in Jorhat, Assam.