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Manipur meaning “A jeweled land” nuzzle deep within an elaborate green corner of North East India. It seems much like an excellent work of art executed by excellent hands of Nature and is indeed a state of beautiful natural beauty and brightness, the beauty of which once inspired Mrs. St. Clair Grimwood explained it as “A Pretty Place more beautiful than many show places of the world” Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave a fitting recognition by describing it as “Jewel of India”. Beset by blue mountains with an oval-shaped valley at the center, deep in art and culture and surcharged by natural glory. Manipur sprawls on a melting pot of culture. It is the birthplace of Polo. This is the place where Rajashree Bhagyachandra built the famous Ras Lila, the classical dance of Manipur, out of his enchanting dream by the form of Lord Krishna.
Her folk dances unveil the mythological idea of the creation of Manipur.
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Manipur is a state which is famous for excellence and natural views not only in India but also over the world. When your flight will reach near Manipur you’ll feel like taking off the plane observing the beauty of the state. The green velvety hills and natural views of Manipur can establish their place in everybody’s heart. 76 percent of the state in Manipur is covered with forest, you can clear an idea of greenery by seeing this. If you are interested in eco-tourism, then this is the best beautiful place for you. The first thing is that Imphal, the capital is the most wonderful place here. Today we are going to explain to you about such places in Manipur which will take you to visit Manipur at least once.