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Arunachal Pradesh - Tucked away at the edge of the north-eastern most part of India, sharing its borders with China, Bhutan & Myanmar, lies the mystical, most miraculous & mysterious land of Arunachal Pradesh, also known as the "Land of the Rising Sun".
Its towering mountains, snow-clad peaks, roaring rivers, high altitude meadows & vast & unspoiled lush greenery, is also referred to as "The Last Shangri-La on Earth".
To witness the rugged, untouched & un-spoilt land that Arunachal Pradesh is, pack your bags for a long haul & let nature guide you.

Village & Tribal Life Experience:

As like most other north-eastern states, tribal culture is vast & varied & changes with topography. People who have an affinity to study rural life & living, & want to have a first hand experience is sure welcome to be in Arunachal Pradesh.

Adventurous Sports:
A wide range of adventure sports or activities can be undertaken while in Arunachal Pradesh, some of them being mountain climbing, trekking, fishing, camping, cycling & biking.