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Tripura - the third smallest state in India is beautiful but due to its location access is limited. The state is bound on three sides – north, south, and west by Bangladesh and by the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram in the east. The region had long been under the rule of the Manikya dynasty; used to be an independent princely state under British rule; and finally joined independent India as a state in 1949. There is a wealth of natural and cultural heritage in this state.

Palaces – the Manikya kings built several palaces that have their own architectural and historical importance. The Ujjayanta Palace, now the state museum, houses numerous royal and cultural artifacts; The Neermahal Palace – hosts the Neermahal Water festival organized by the local government in August every year.

Unakoti - Literally meaning one less than a crore (10 million). There are hundreds of massive rock-cut sculptures and those made out of sandstone, besides scattered ruins of ancient temples make Unakoti a unique place. There are a number of legends regarding the origin of these sculptures. The place is considered sacred by people and also is of great architectural importance.