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Mizoram which literally translates to “land of Mizos” is actually a land of great natural beauty and enjoys a moderate to pleasant climate all the year-round. Surrounded by Tripura, Assam, and Manipur on the one side and Bangladesh and Myanmar on the others this state is also rich in its cultural heritage. Indian tourists require Inner line Permit to visit this land of Blue Mountains.

Rih Dil Or Rih Lake – The largest lake in Mizoram, but also lies inside the area of Rihkhawdar in Myanmar. This natural lake is believed to be one of the lakes that the spirits of the dead had to pass on their way to Mitthi Khua (Land of the Dead). Another myth surrounding this lake is that it was created as a safe haven by a Mizo girl named Rishi who had magical abilities and was fleeing from her cruel stepmother. There are several other such stories surrounding this lake. The lake is 3Kms from the Indo Myanmar border town of Zokhawthar in Champai district.

Reiek – located at an elevation of 1548 meters overlooking Aizawl and offers a view of the surrounding valleys and hills. On a clear day, the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from the top of the hill. The model Mizo village on this hill also offers a close peek into the culture of the land. The annual Anthurium Festival is also held in the foothills.