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The second-largest cosmopolitan city of eastern India nestled on the foothills of the Shillong plateau covering an area of 1,528 square kilometers (590 sq mi), Guwahati serves as a gateway of the northeast. The temples of Kamrup-Kamakhya and Madan Kamdev are the sole attraction points that draw tourists especially from far & wide. The reserve forests find an approach from this central destination so Guwahati mainly serves as the transit point for people traveling to Kaziranga or Meghalaya (Shillong).

Known for its famed one-horned rhino, Kaziranga National Park that has a population of 1,651 adult rhinos, covers an area of 430 kmĀ², The Kaziranga National park is a myriad grassland harboring a large population of herbivores and tigers among protected areas of the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the state of Assam, India and is counted amongst one of the World Heritage Sites. One can also view water buffaloes; swamp deer along with numerous birds from the jeep safari or while on Elephant Safari, that takes one close to the single most attraction, the one-horned rhinos.

Elephant & Jeep Safari:

To be able to witness the famed "one-horned-rhino" from close quarters one definitely needs to book an elephant or the more common Jeep Safari, that ensures one being taken either to one of the central/eastern or western ranges at Kaziranga and also at Manas National Park & Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, along with en-route viewing of the myriad landscape & the rich bio-diversity on offer. This sure is an experience of a lifetime, as the wildlife prevalent there, lets you soak in the moment & leaves you speechless & later turns you into a story-teller sharing your escapades.

Tribal Village Visit:
Mishing Tribe: The word "Mishing" is derived from two words viz. Mi & Toshing / Anshing, Mi which means "man", while Toshing / Anshing means worthiness. These are an ethnic tribal group inhabiting the districts of Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat & Golaghat areas of Assam. They are the second-largest tribal group of North-East India, next only to the "Bodos" in Assam. A visit to the village & interaction with the tribals there is one of a kind & an enriching experience that transcends all happiness & leaves you with memories to cherish forever.

Tea & Rubber Plantation visit:
Assam is blessed with greenery & vegetation all around, and this one can get to see with the numerous tea gardens & rubber plantations in & around Jorhat, Kaziranga.

Handicrafts & Handlooms:
Assam is also known for its handicrafts & handlooms especially the distinct "Gamosa"-(a red-and-white scarf worn around the neck by men) & the mekholasador (the traditional dress for women) creates an alluring impression of the state of Assam. Sualkuchi & Hajo stands testimony to the art & crafts associated.