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East by Ganges

Once happened to be the second most important city of British Empire after London, Kolkata still oozes the Raj day charms, but never loses her cerebral identity. Debates, books, art galleries, historic monuments, museums, fancy shopping malls, local bazaars, multi-cuisine restaurants, street-foods, political processions, and the daily mayhem of life make Kolkata like every other major metropolis in the world. And like every other metropolis in the world, it has its own individuality. It is distinctly unique, yet universal! And this city is a convenient gateway to more places mingled with heritage - terra cotta temple art at Bishnupur, Nawabi reminiscences at Murshidabad or Sultaniyat carcasses at Maldah, or just some 100 kms away from this busy, urban metropolis where remains a world of myth and magic – the pristine mangrove forests of Sunderbans. A world heritage site, Sunderban is the largest mangrove forests of the world, claims to fame for the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers, although the ethereal beauty of Sunderban is not merely confined with the beasts. Approachable only by the rivers, and intersected by thousands of narrow creeks, this waterscape is omnipotent to create magic realism of a lost world!

Highlights: River Life, Story Walks, Architecture, History & World Heritage, People & Culture, Natural Wonders, Wildlife, Art, Crafts & Textile, Cuisine, Cruises.