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In the early 17th century, India’s opulence and riches, starting from the varied spices to its silk, to pottery and jewellery attracted the Europeans to establish outposts nestled in the little towns by river Ganges within the 80 km stretch from Kolkata. The first European colony to obtain permission to set up trading outposts in Bandel was the Portuguese followed by the Dutch in Chinsurah, Danish in Serampore, French in Chandannagar, and finally the British in Kolkata. Exploring the colonial heritage of Bengal is a once in a lifetime kind of experience that traces its roots to legacies that have withstood the ravages of time.

Institut de Chandernagore (closed on Thursday and Saturday), also known as Dupleix Palace, is one of the oldest museums of West Bengal. It hosts a collection of rare French antiques, such as cannons used in the Anglo-French wars (popularly known as the Carnatic wars), personal belongings of French governors-general, and rare wooden furniture dating back to the 18th century. Exhibits include items used by Dupleix (the Governor-General of French India) and relics of the French colonial and local history of Chandannagar.

Carey Museum :– William Carey Museum in Serampore College houses various personal belongings of the missionaries are kept in the museum and archive. It also showcases the development of printing technology and sciences in India and Bengal. The letters, pamphlets, journals, Bibles in original and translation in various languages provide a very good insight into history.

Imambara :– Haji Mohammed Mohsin a prominent philanthropist established the Hooghly Mohsin College and Imambara. The Clock tower is a noted feature of the Imambara. The mosque has intricate designs and texts from Quran engraved on the wall. The interior of the mosque is decorated with marbles, candles and hanging lanterns.

Churches:– Over the years various colonies have been established on the banks of the Ganges and churches are of course very important features. The Bandel Church established by the Portuguese, The Sacred Heart Church in Chandannagar established by the French, St. Olav’s Church in Serampore established by the Danish offer insight into the colonial history of Bengal.

The Little Europe in Bengal